It is with great joy that we welcome you to the updated website of our school through which we hope to present our work and keep you up-to-date with all the developments in the fields of foreign language teaching.

The Perdikopoulou Foreign Language Schools have been situated in the centre of Xanthi since 1979. The Central School is on 40 Ekkliseon 25 and it is housed in a purpose-built building which is equipped with all the modern technological means. The branch is situated on Praxitelous 85. Both schools have their own secretarial support throughout the working day of the academic year. 

Since 1979 our schools have managed to win the trust of the people of Xanthi for two reasons: our great experience in issues related with foreign language learning and teaching and the great success our students have met with when they participated in International Language Learning Examinations.  What matters, though, is not only the end result but also the way to it. For this reason we feel that parents must make the right choices for their children.  When it comes to choosing a language schools we should choose based on the how well organized and educationally sound the school is, not only on the prices or the distance from home.  Many parents believe that their offspring will be benefited if they have private lessons since they will be spared the time to move to and from the school. Unfortunately private lessons do not guarantee quality and they tend to isolate the students when they most need their groups of classmates: during the language lesson that teaches them how to communicate.

It would be our great pleasure to welcome you to our schools and present you every aspect of our work and teaching methodology. We are absolutely sure that while your children are our students we will all share a productive and creative time.


Mary Perdikopoulou

Director of Studies

PgDip in English

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If you are searching for responsibility, seriousness and experience in the issue of the foreign language education, then trust us.
Our 34 years experience  in the teaching of foreign language education, the dynamic teaching staff and the production of ours original educational  material, ensure high rates of success in our students for the     obtainment of foreign language degree.


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